Encompassing over 250,000 square feet of hard work and innovation, Barrie Welding and Machine has grown to become a North American leader in the fields of welding, fabrication, machining, press repair and automation.

We believe our growth is a direct result of our ability to offer clients a diverse array of hands-on services, preformed by the top industry professionals available.

Each of our 230 employees pride themselves as “problem solvers” and we truly believe our product knowledge and commitment to service is unparalleled in the industry.

Custom Parts & Machining

Machining Services

Barrie Welding & Machine offers a full range of conventional and CNC machines to cover both large and small precision machining. Boring, turning, milling and Blanchard grinding machines are all serviced by overhead cranes to handle a wide range of products. The machine shops are supported by a complete selection of calibrated measuring equipment including a co-ordinate measuring machine with full digitizing capabilities. Whether you require simple parts, complete machine rebuilds or custom designed machinery, we have the expertise and staff to handle your job.

CNC Machine Shop

With 40+ CNC Lathes and Mills on site no job is too big for our CNC department. With a maximum part size of 30 ft x 12 ft x 12 ft on our largest mill and a maximum part size of 80″ dia. x 26 ft between centers on our largest lathe.

CNC Parts Production

Barrie Welding’s CNC capabilities allow us to produce production runs for customers using various automated processes and quality inspections to provide quality products in a timely manner.

Conventional Machine Shop

Barrie Welding & Machine’s conventional machine shop is one of the original services the company provided. The conventional machine shop contains over 60+ mills and lathes of all different sizes and handles all types of jobs including low quantity parts production as well as the repair of a multitude of machine components. Emergency repairs are a large part of the services offered and as such an evening shift is available for rush deliveries.

Industrial Automation

BWM Industrial Automation offers a large range of projects and will supply you with turn-key equipment. We are familiar with all fields including automotive, food and drug, cosmetics, welding cells, robotics, material handling, surface coatings and finishing, etc.

Call us with your assembly or handling problems and we will supply you with solutions. We can build from plans and concepts supplied by you or we can generate the designs and drawings ourselves.  Fully engineered and stamped drawings are available.

Our turn-key projects supply the customer with a completely functional and installed machine. All design, machining, fabrication, pneumatic/hydraulic plumbing, electrical wiring and programming are done in house. We can even supply operator training and develop a maintenance program.

We currently staff mechanical designers, electricians, PLC programmers and a machine safety and guarding technician. We can tackle any project from small standalone assembly station to your full plant automation or retrofit your existing equipment.

Press Technology

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Press Rebuilding

  • Complete rebuilds from the ground up. Retrofits on brakes and clutches, rebuilt components from rams and bull-gears to gibs and bushings, electrical control systems, hydraulic systems, custom hydraulic nuts, lube systems, etc.
  • Onsite service calls and millwright services available using our own equipment. From hydraulic jacks and gantries to fork lifts and stick booms.
  • Custom built hydraulic presses and re-furbished presses for sale.
  • Machine moving and installations.
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Quick Die Change and Die Transfer Equipment

  • Design, construction and installation of die-transfer equipment such as powered or manual rolling bolsters and clamping systems.
  • Custom built rolling die carts up to 100 ton capacity.
  • Extension arms, roller sets and die push-pull devices.
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Coil Handling Equipment

  • Full range of standard feeders, cradle and stand-alone straighteners, uncoilers, and threading tables. We build to customer requirements.
  • Servo roll feeders are available as “stand alone” units or, because of their modular design, are easily integrated into a full featured, space saving coil handling line. Constant mesh gearing for driving both upper and lower feed rolls is a standard feature, as is pilot release.
  • Our line of heavy duty uncoilers are supplied with hydraulic, wedge type, mandrel expansion as standard.

Fabrication & Welding

We are a fully equipped and certified CWB, TSSA Fabrication/Weld shop with years of experience in all industries. We have the expertise to service your requirements in a wide variety of materials including Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Bronze, etc.

Barrie Welding covers everything from repairs and modifications to completely new designs and structural work. We build to your specifications or from drawings generated from your concepts by our in-house designers.

Welding Processes

  • SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding)
  • GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding)
  • FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding)
  • SAW (Submerged Arc Welding)
  • GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding)


  • CWB W59.1, W59.2
  • TSSA Repair and Alteration, ASME Section VIII Pressure Vessels, Power Piping B31.1, Process Piping B31.3, Refrigeration Piping B31.5

Equipment Capacity

  • Shear ½” thickness x 10 ft. length
  • Brake Press 600 ton x 16 ft. length
  • Rolls 8 ft. length
  • Laser, Water Jet, Plasma and Flame cutting up to 8″ thickness
  • Weld Positioner up to 40,000 lbs. capacity
  • Crane capacity from 2 to 100 tons

Standards and Certifications

Additional Services

CNC Tool and Cutter Service

CNC and manual grinding service for resurfacing and manufacture of Carbide and HSS end mills, thread mills, reamers, drills and special cutting tools with combined features or multiple steps on a single tool. Manual grinders for roughing tool forms, turn diameters and tapers. Sharpening extra long drills, end mills and various other tooling.

Steel Supply

We stock a broad range of cold and hot rolled mild steel, 4140, stainless steel, tool steels, superior shafting, aluminum, bronze, brass, nylons, UHMW, etc. Available in bar stock, round, tubing, structural, plates, sheets, etc.  Staff can supply custom cut material.

Laser/Water Jet/Plasma/Torch Cutting

Water Jet Cutting of all materials up to 6″ thick. High Definition Plasma cutting up to 2″ mild steel and 1½” stainless steel. Dual Head Oxy/Acetylene Torches for cutting up to 8″ mild steel. Laser Cutting of mild steel up to 1/2″, stainless up to 1/8″ and etching to customer specifications. We specialize in rush delivery orders.

CMM Services

We can help to develop control and monitor your most exacting quality standards with the aid of our Mitutoyo co-ordinate measuring machine. Our quality control manager calibrates all in-house measuring devices and insures compliance with standard quality programs.

Mobile Welding & Repair

For service to sites with no power. Portable service trucks, site crews and welders are also available for work in your plant.

Western Mechanical & Western Hydraulics

Our sister companies are offering a full range of hydraulics and pneumatic components as well as millwright, mechanical and electrical services. We can handle new installations, machinery moving and re-location, repairs and maintenance.


Equipment List





CMM Mutuoto
Up to 144” by 96” by 60”.

Cincinnati floor type
408” by 180”. 58” column infeed with 24” spindle travel and attachment changing station. 80 ton rotary table 118” infeed

G&L 8” table type CNC Horizontal boring mill
363” by 157”. 54” column infeed and 69” spindle travel. 8” spindle with 90 degree head and universal attachments. Max weight 100 ton

Rivolta CNC horizontal floor type boring mill
314” by 118” by 49” ram travel with indexing 90 degree head 20 ton rotary table with 67” infeed

5+ CNC 5 & 6” horizontal boring mills
Up to 130” by 78” by 50” with rotary tables and swing head option

15+ CNC vertical machining centres
Up to 165” by 40” by 30”. 15,000RPM thru spindle coolant 7 with true 4 and 5 axis capabilities. Gantry and c-frame mills available.

6+ CNC horizontal machining centres
Up to 62” by 42” by 39”. Dual pallets with 10,000RPM thru spindle coolant available

10+ Combination Bridgeport style CNC and manual mills

Installing Rafamet CNC
315” swing by 177” tall vertical boring mill with 100 metric ton capacity, dual rams, side head, and live tooling

Berthiez CNC vertical boring mill
264” max dia swing, 60” under rail 86” travel on X, 60” travel on Y, comes with ram and side head

Farrel CNC vertical boring mill
204” max dia swing 144” table, 134” under tool to table 50 ton max weight cap, dual rams

Berthiez CNC 80”
Two 80” pallets with 102” swing. 60” high live tooling and 90 degree tooling attachment

G&L CNC 60”
48” with 60” swing with dual rams and live tooling

Manual vertical boring mill
66”dia x 44” under rail, 72” swing

5+ CNC long lathe
Up to 63 ½”dia OW and 49”dia OC by 512” centers

20+ CNC lathes
Up to 51”dia by 180” centers with live tooling. Comes with internal grinding attachment

CNC cylindrical grinder
18”dia x 72” between centers, comes with internal grinding attachment

Walter 24 hp. Comes with auto loader

2 blanchard grinders
60”dia magnet and up to 80” swing

Long stroke grinder
120” long by 24” wide, magnetic table with a 30” dia segmented Blanchard type head

10+ surface grinders
Up to 20” by 48” travel

2 O.D. cylindrical grinders
Up to 12”dia x 36”

Conventional 6” horizontal floor type boring mills
Up to 314” by 96” table and 46” spindle travel, with 79” x 71” rotary tables with 46” infeed

2 conventional 4” and 5” horizontal table boring mills
5” by 71.5” by 64”, 35.5” spindle travel, 72” rotary table swing heads and assorted attachments

25+ conventional universal and vertical mills
Up to 20” by 87” travels

4 slotters
Up to 14” stroke

20+ drill presses and radial drill
Up to 80” radius, 72” spindle to base

2 key broaching machines

Large dia lathe
86.6” dia OW x 74” dia OC x 492” between centers. 3 way bed and 2 carriages

Large dia lathe
80”dia OW x 63”dia OC x 216” between centers

6 large conventional lathes
Up to 48”+dia OW by 40”diameter OC x 480” between centers

25+ conventional lathes
Up to 29”dia by 168” between centers


6000 watt Trumpf laser profile cutter
60” by 120” dual Pallet Capacity

Messer plasma torch table
400 amp high def plasma, and dual oxyfuel torches 120” by 150”

Flow waterjet
72” by 144” cutting surface

20+ band saws
Up to 25” by 25” or 20” by 30”, 3 with auto feed

6+ modern portable plasma cutters with attachments

5 press breaks
CNC and manual up to 600 ton and 192” bend length

4 plate rolls
Up to ½” by 120” plate

1 angle rolls
3 ½” x 3 ½”angle x ½”

100+ welding machines
TIG and MIG for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, MIG up to 1500 amp sub arc welding, in shop and portable stick welding, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and CWB certified

6+ portable welding units
MIG and AC TIG features arc air compressor, with generator capacity to run plasma cutting

2+ weld manipulators

20+ weld positioners
Up to 36,000lb cap at 48”, 40,000lb cap at 12”

6+ tank rolls sets
Up to 50 ton

4 iron workers

4 shears
Up to ½” by 120”

5 benders
Angle and pipe

Bore weld machine

Robot weld cell

Spray welding unit

100+ overhead cranes
Up to 125 tons with 25 ton aux on one bridge

30+ forklifts
Up to 35,000lb capacity on versa lift with hydraulic boom attachments

50+ truck fleet
Including pickups, flatbeds, tilt and load, etc.

6+ tool trucks
Equipped for onsite heavy equipment breakdowns, repairs

Portable hydraulic power packs and jacks
Up to 300 tons, 125 ton hole jacks

10+ hydraulic and arbor presses
Up to 150 ton

20+ man lifts
Up to 65ft tall fully extended

4 portable scales
Up to 40 ton

Multipliers and hydraulic ratchets
Up to 1 ½” drives

2 portable line bore units
Bore and weld, for onsite repairs

Specialty machines for portable machining
Designed and built for on-site machining

Portable mag drills

Portable band saws

25+ Lifting magnets
Up to 5000lb

Our Company

A vibrant and creative company can only grow based on the strength of their roots, and Barrie Welding & Machine’s current evolution is a direct reflection of our strong 1945 origins.

Our staff of 200 craftsmen work out of our 200,000+ square foot cutting edge facility that houses the latest high tech tools currently available. From machinists and millwrights to PLC programmers and everything in between, we’re proud of the highly skilled team of industry leaders we’ve assembled.

With the support of their sister companies Western Mechanical and Western Hydraulics, BWM is a powerhouse in every sector we’ve entered, and easily the largest “one stop shop” in Ontario.

Behind the strength of our CWB, TSSA and ISO 9001 certification, Barrie Welding & Machine has developed and satisfied a loyal and diverse range of clientele across North America and Europe.

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